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Penny (Tulip) Malti Pom

Penny (Tulip)

Penny formally Tulip has been such a blessing after the loss of our best buddy of 15 years recently passed away, she has filled our home and hearts with such joy. We plan on getting another special companion for her soon through puppy avenue and will refer anyone looking for a forever amazing dog to Jason who is a very knowledgable and compassionate breeder. Thank you so much we definitely have a gem and she is worth every "Penny"

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Havanese puppies For Sale

The Havanese is one of the most beloved pet because of its loveliness that inspire with his gentle eyes and robust body covered with a silky, fluffy and curly fur. This playful and friendly puppy can be a perfect companion for anyone.

If you have decided to adopt a Havanese puppy, you can do this by choosing Puppy Avenue, a great resource for finding your new puppies in California, the best breeders in this area. Puppy Avenue gives to the puppies the best care to provide for the clients only perfectly healthy Havanese puppies.

The little Havanese is part of the family of Bichon, Bichon in French, word meaning "woolly dog". Tthe Bichon Havanese is an old breed that dates back to the 19th century. The Bichon Havanese was once a favourite of the aristocratic families in Cuba, a country whose national emblem has become. The Havana Silk Dog was recognized by the AKC in 1999.

The Bichon Havanese is a very active and playful puppy who loves to do various tricks to entertain others, in the past was used for circus performances. He is a very intelligent dog, obedient and sociable, which makes it very easily to be trained, but sensitive to a high tone of voice. Besides this great character, the Havanese is a much loved puppy also because of its physical features. He is a very small puppy that gets to weigh a few pounds at maturity, with a robust body dressed in a silky, fluffy and curly fur. This gorgeous coat may have colours like white, beige, cream, gold, silver or black.

Although it is a very active and playful puppy, the little Havanese puppy is a puppy apartment that needs a daily walk and exercises, he needs protection and must be kept in indoors and not in a yard.

Due to its curly coat, he will need proper care including daily brushing. The brushing will prevent tangles and also removes the dirt that the little furry puppy gathers on walks such as to maintain him healthy, beautiful and clean. To clean the coat is often recommended to use a shampoo that can be applied on dry fur to prevent degradation by bathing too often. The puppy’s coat is not only beautiful but is also hypoallergenic, meaning it does not cause allergies, does not smell and does not shed, making it a perfect choice for people who have allergies to animal dander.

If properly cared, the little Havanese puppy is a puppy without too many health problems. But caring is not enough to keep your little away from diseases. A very important factor in the life and health of the puppy is the reproducing. Many diseases have genetic trait, which it is transmitted from parents to the baby born. The choice of perfectly healthy specimens for breeding is very important. Puppy Avenue just choose perfect specimens which are perfectly healthy and have the physical up to the highest standards of the breed. Puppy Avenue is the largest breeder of Havanese puppies in California areas, San Diego and Southern California, being a tradition breeder that is entirely dedicated to the growth and to the reproduction of puppies so they can be healthy and happy. At Puppy Avenue, the puppy’s health is the most important.

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Marquis and Albendazole are preventative medicines. Both defend and prevent parasite's and are used to terminate the parasite's coccidia and giardia; both are administered orally. We find them to be so important that in order for us to offer a 1 year Health Guarantee we ask that these are administered. These are used specifically as a PRECAUTIONARY TREATMENT which we take for every puppy in case their immune system is compromised during the transition period (i.e. stressed). Think of it like vitamins for dogs. The Marquis is a 1 times treatment 72 hours (3 days) after arrival on a full stomach. IF INCLUDED IN YOUR BAGGIE (some might not have this product if the puppy has already received this treatment under our care) The Albendazole is given .25ml am and pm for 5 days starting 24 hours after arrival and only after a meal (albendazole is a de-wormer and there is no need to get any additional de-wormer from your vet). Once the albendazole is gone, you do not need any more worming medication.

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