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George Morkie


I bought George (formerly know as Breaden) just about a month ago. He is the most handsome Morkie ever! Besides being a looker, he has the most wonderful temperament and is sweet to the core. He loves everyone and all dogs! Although he is about 4.5 lbs, he is fearless and loves to play with big dogs. He has not once barked at any person or any dog and plays so well with them all. He has a personality that is indeed too big for his body and is admired everywhere he goes by both men and women alike. I have taken him to puppy daycare to play and socialize with other dogs and even the employees there rave about George and how sweet he is. Guys, I cannot thank you enough for George. I have given your info to people who have asked me where I got my puppy from and would not hesitate to purchase another one from you. George is an absolute joy and has changed my life. I am just over the moon with my puppy... Thank you.

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  • Dash


    DOB: 8-10-16 // Morkie Male Hybrid puppy for sale[more info]

    Dash is our Fantastic Morkie Male Hybrid Puppy
    10 weeks old, Registration: None , Adult Weight: 5-7 lbs


    Dash is our Fantastic Morkie Male Hybrid Puppy
  • Mimi


    DOB: 8-15-16 // Morkie Hybrid Female Puppy For Sale[more info]

    Mimi is our Fabulous Morkie Female Hybrid Puppy
    10 weeks old, Registration: None , Adult Weight: 3-4 lbs


    Mimi is our  Fabulous Morkie Female Hybrid Puppy
  • Roman


    DOB: 8-28-16 // Morkie Hybrid Male Puppy for sale[more info]

    Roman is our Handsome Morkie Male Hybrid Puppy
    8 weeks old, Registration: None , Adult Weight: 6-9 lbs


    Roman is our Handsome Morkie Male Hybrid Puppy
  • Felix


    DOB: 8-25-16 // Morkie Male Hybrid Puppy for sale[more info]

    Felix is our Precious Morkie Male Hybrid Puppy
    8 weeks old, Registration: None , Adult Weight: 4-6 lbs


    Felix is our Precious Morkie Male Hybrid Puppy

Morkie Puppies For Sale

A little furry and fluffy with long and floppy ears, the little Morkie is a mixed puppy obtained from crossing a Yorkshire Terrier and a Maltese. This smart and sweet puppy still thrills at first glance making you to want and to take the little fluffy Morkie at your home.

If you are looking for a Morkie puppy, areas for adoption are California, Southern California or San Diego Find, where the nicest Morkie puppies can be found at the biggest breeder, the Puppy Avenue.

The little Morkie is a very old breed, he appeared for several years in the United States, when it was the concept to create a cute and loving puppy design. The Morkie is a very affectionate puppy who loves people and other pets with which loves to play all day long. The Morkie likes to run and to play in a yard but he is an inside puppy specially designed for living in an apartment because they are tiny, fragile and require care and protection. The Morkie is a smart puppy, he can be a great student if you try to make a calmly and gently education. The Morkie puppy’s wonderful temperament is complemented by a robust body, very nicely shaped with a wavy and fluffy coat that can have different colours like white or brown and black Maltese Yorkshire Terrier. In addition, the Morkie is very nice and as for its dimensions, he reaches to measure up to a maximum of 20 inches and weigh about 4 pounds, being a pleasure as a pet.

Because it is a hybrid puppy, the little Morkie puppy is free of major health problems. In addition, the long - lived Morkie is a puppy with a life expectancy that can reach up to 15 years. He will need daily brushing of the coat, eye and ear, cleaning and brushing to prevent dental disease to which the Morkie Toy puppy is prone to. With a proper care and with an adequate nutrition of high quality specifically designed for him, the Morkie puppy will be healthy and happy, so the owners will be cheerful and happy.

Adopt a puppy into your life, means a big responsibility and it begins when choosing and buying the baby quadruped. It is shown that the choice of where the puppy is bought, must be made with great attention and interest. This is very important for the health of every puppy and especially if it is Morkie puppy, because he is a hybrid breed obtained by artificial crossing. It is very important that specimens to be chosen carefully for mating and only selected specimens so as to get a healthy baby Morkie without health problems that he may inherit from the parents. Also, buying a puppy from an authorized breeder ensures your arrival home with a really Morkie puppy and not another breed which mature to have another coat, different colours, different height, different number of pounds and many other irregularities.

If you're in California, San Diego and Southern California choose the largest breeder in the area, a breeder with tradition, choose Puppy Avenue. Here puppies, have the best attention and care and especially very much love. At Puppy Avenue, the most important are the little puppies and, of course, the customers satisfaction and contentment. Choose Puppy Avenue and you'll get a true companion.

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Marquis and Albendazole are preventative medicines. Both defend and prevent parasite's and are used to terminate the parasite's coccidia and giardia; both are administered orally. We find them to be so important that in order for us to offer a 1 year Health Guarantee we ask that these are administered. These are used specifically as a PRECAUTIONARY TREATMENT which we take for every puppy in case their immune system is compromised during the transition period (i.e. stressed). Think of it like vitamins for dogs. The Marquis is a 1 times treatment 72 hours (3 days) after arrival on a full stomach. IF INCLUDED IN YOUR BAGGIE (some might not have this product if the puppy has already received this treatment under our care) The Albendazole is given .25ml am and pm for 5 days starting 24 hours after arrival and only after a meal (albendazole is a de-wormer and there is no need to get any additional de-wormer from your vet). Once the albendazole is gone, you do not need any more worming medication.

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