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Charley Cava Chon


Meet my Charley- she looks more like a miniature Cavalier than Bichon, her vet said her Cav genes are more dominant . She is precious and we love her so much. She has been with us for a year and life has been great! She is a princess and my sons adore her.

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Pomeranian puppies for sale

The little Toy Pomeranian puppy is a small quadruped that weight only 2 pounds at maturity, very loved by everyone, he is a perfect companion for any family that wants a true companion. The Pomeranian puppy became popular in 1888, when Queen Victoria was in love with a little Pom.

If you are looking for a companion and the Pomeranian is your choice, choose to buy it from the best breeder. Puppy Avenue is the largest breeder in California and in San Diego areas. Puppy Avenue is the best place where you can choose a beautiful and healthy puppy.

The Pomeranian is a very old breed which has its origins in Europe and it is based on the German Spitz dog. The Pom Pom puppy is friendly with everyone and very sociable, understanding very well with other pets with which he can live together without any problems. It is a sweet puppy both physically and in behaviour, especially with children and the elderly to whom he is protective, caring and loyal, doing anything possible to protect them. The Pom is a puppy who loves to play and to run all day long but who loves to spend all day in his master's lap.

The gorgeous Pom Pom's temperament is perfect shaped with physical traits of the little puppy just looking as a fox. The voluminous coat, fluffy and silky, is the pride of the Pom puppy that comes in many colours and patterns such as white, cream , beige, red, orange, brown and black.

This fluffy coat needs daily brushing to prevent tangles and excess shedding. Also, the proper maintenance of the puppy’s fur is very important to keep it healthy and beautiful, but also for to prevent the various skin disorders that little Pom Pom is prone to.

The little Pomeranian puppy is generally a healthy dog with relatively few health problems. He needs attention in terms of maintenance of skin and coat, a proper diet which should include only food specifically designed for it, the quality of food it is showed in the appearance of the skin and of the coat. One of the problems that little Pom is prone if not cared for properly is the pseudo - Cushing's syndrome or the severe loss of hair. A quality dry food is the best choice. This will help to maintain its teeth, preventing the occurrence of dental diseases and the premature loss of teeth that the little Pom is prone to. Properly cared for, the little Pom has a very high life expectancy can live up to 15 - 16 years.

I can not emphasize enough the importance of purchasing your puppy from a big breeder, authorized and reputable, that grow and reproduce Pomeranian puppies. If you do not buy your puppy from a good breeder you risk to buy a Pomeranian puppy with many health problems and physical problems, and to risk of not coming home with a purebred Pomeranian puppy. A good breeder choose only perfect specimens for a healthy breeding, perfect physically specimens, with champion parents. Such a breeder is Avenue Puppy that grows Pomeranian puppies in terms of the highest quality. If you are in California, Southern California and San Diego, go to the Puppy Avenue where you will find the perfect puppy for you and your family. Choose Puppy Avenue and you will get a healthy and happy puppy.

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Marquis and Albendazole are preventative medicines. Both defend and prevent parasite's and are used to terminate the parasite's coccidia and giardia; both are administered orally. We find them to be so important that in order for us to offer a 1 year Health Guarantee we ask that these are administered. These are used specifically as a PRECAUTIONARY TREATMENT which we take for every puppy in case their immune system is compromised during the transition period (i.e. stressed). Think of it like vitamins for dogs. The Marquis is a 1 times treatment 72 hours (3 days) after arrival on a full stomach. IF INCLUDED IN YOUR BAGGIE (some might not have this product if the puppy has already received this treatment under our care) The Albendazole is given .25ml am and pm for 5 days starting 24 hours after arrival and only after a meal (albendazole is a de-wormer and there is no need to get any additional de-wormer from your vet). Once the albendazole is gone, you do not need any more worming medication.

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