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Tank French Bulldog


I bought Tank in December as a Christmas gift for my bother and he has brought so much joy to our family! He has such a great personality and hasn't had any health issues! He is such a playful, loving dog and I am so thankful to have bought him from such a wonderful place! My next dog will definitely be purchased here!

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Yorkshire Terrier puppies for sale in California

The Yorkshire Terrier is a dog belonging to the toy group, which has its origins in England, where it was used in the past to catch rats. Now, the Yorkshire Terrier has become one of the most popular breeds in the world. The Yorkshire Terrier is a generally healthy dog with relatively few health problems.

Find out more about, from Puppy Avenue, the largest breeder of Yorkshire Terrier puppies from California. The Puppy Avenue Company reproduce, grow and care for many years the Yorkshire Terrier puppies, being a licensed breeder with extensive experience regarding the Yorkshire Terrier puppies.

The Yorkshire Terrier dog is very loved and he is loved because of the physical and behavioural traits that he has. A big personality in a small body, as many describe the little Yorkshire Terrier puppy, makes him perfect for anyone who wants to increase his family by adopting a four - legged fellow. The Yorkies are easily adaptable to all surroundings and are suitable pets for many homes. The tiny Yorkshire Terrier is on one hand a very loving and affectionate puppy who loves his master, always sit around and spend time in his arms, and, on the other hand, is a puppy very active and playful, curious and energetic, alert and sometimes noisy. Also, he is an intelligent and sociable dog. The Yorkshire Terrier puppies are great for security, very alert and always ready to announce the master when approaching a foreign. Being highly intelligent and sociable, the Yorkshire Terrier puppies coexist well with other pets.

He is a puppy with a glossy, silky and hypoallergenic coat. For a more pleasant and cute look, the fur around the eyes can be caught with a hair clip. For a beautiful and healthy puppy, the Yorkshire Terrier coat should be brushed daily to prevent tangles. AKC registration form for Yorkshire Terriers allows four coat colour options: blue and tan, blue and gold, black and tan, black and gold.

If you decide to adopt one must know the health problems that it is prone to, so to give proper care. Among the issues that need to be attentive it is numbered the nutrition. The nutrition is a factor in many diseases, which affects the appearance and the life of the puppy. The Yorkshire Terrier is quite picky and fickle in terms of food. To ensure that he eats well, give him a high quality food. It also brings a fair and adequate intake of nutrients, fats and proteins to sustain the burst of energy. The quality of food is reflected in the puppy’s skin and fur. He may present the risk of allergies, which can be based on certain foods. If the food is not good and does not agree with it, it will scratch and the fur will not shine and he will not have a healthy look. Some Yorkie may have problems with the digestive system, which is why it's good to pay a special attention to his diet.

The toy breeds, the Yorkshire Terrier puppies require special attention on teeth, being prone to the premature loss of teeth. Hypoglycaemia, a condition common among Yorkshire Terrier puppies if not cared for properly. Hypoglycaemia is a sudden drop of glucose in blood concentration below normal, the main factor leading to this condition is food.

If you want him to have a long life, the puppy needs proper cared for. If you want to know more about it you can visit Puppy Avenue, which is a true breeder of Yorkshire Terrier puppies, who sell in California, San Diego and Southern California. The puppies raised in the Puppy Avenue home are healthy, beautiful and happy.

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Marquis and Albendazole are preventative medicines. Both defend and prevent parasite's and are used to terminate the parasite's coccidia and giardia; both are administered orally. We find them to be so important that in order for us to offer a 1 year Health Guarantee we ask that these are administered. These are used specifically as a PRECAUTIONARY TREATMENT which we take for every puppy in case their immune system is compromised during the transition period (i.e. stressed). Think of it like vitamins for dogs. The Marquis is a 1 times treatment 72 hours (3 days) after arrival on a full stomach. IF INCLUDED IN YOUR BAGGIE (some might not have this product if the puppy has already received this treatment under our care) The Albendazole is given .25ml am and pm for 5 days starting 24 hours after arrival and only after a meal (albendazole is a de-wormer and there is no need to get any additional de-wormer from your vet). Once the albendazole is gone, you do not need any more worming medication.

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