Puppy Referral - Trace aka Chum Chum

Puppy Name: Trace aka Chum Chum - Teddy Bear
Breed Name: Teddy Bear

The cute little Trace we got him 6 months ago. After we got Trace aka Chumchum now in our family, he's not simply a companion to me while my husband got deployed, but he's our lucky charm too, because we've blessed to have a baby soon. He's not exactly playing, cuddle, sweet, but he's also smart dog. A lot of people found him so adorable and cute every time we went out and asked where did we get my pups, proudly said from Puppy Avenue. Thank you Jason and Alex taught me about how to take care of him and very much informative regarding to their health. Thank you Again...

Submitted by Mark & Maj from Chula Vista CA
Submitted on Sunday, April 24, 2016

Trace aka Chum Chum

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