Cutest Teacup Yorkie Puppies! Tiny Small

The Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkies) are a small adorable breed that many tend to call “tiny yorkies” or “mini yorkies” even “toy yorkies” due to their size.

The history of the yorkie breed dates back for over 150 years, and was initially written at the beginning of the 19th century along with the migration from Scotland to England of workers form the textile industry. The workers brought along   a few varieties of terrier breeds in order to use them as rats and mice hunters in the mills and mines of Yorkshire (historic country of northern England ).If at the beginning yorkies where used in utility purposes, by the end of 1800 many began seeing in these dogs excellent companion pets. Yorkies where then considered luxury pets associated with wealthy people in the Victorian Age.

Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most fascinating companion dog breed. A teacup yorkie companion is the perfect choice for people who live in small apartments. Loving and very attached to family, playful and curious, independent and loyal, yorkies always manage to get a smile from others around them. Being very sensitive, the teacup yorkies need to be treated with a lot of love and affection.

Yorkie is, without doubt, one of the most spectacular small sized breed, and, also without doubt, yorkie is a true terrier, extrovert and energetic. Yorkies are happy to join their owners in long walks and jogging routines, but they can also be happy running around in small yards surrounded by different toys. Yorkies are convinced they are much bigger and they act like a genuine miniature warriors equipped with an inexhaustible energy. Many will say that their yorkies choose, in the yard or in the house, the best observation point where they can see everything that is going on around them, sound signaling any movement they might find unusual.

Yorkies are mostly popular for possessing all the qualities of larger dogs. Being in its origin a breed used in hunting, the yorkies have kept their adventurous spirits unaltered. Despite their very fragile aspect these teacup yorkies are real terriers, which means they will consume a lot of energy in investigating their territory as well as other ones if given the opportunity. Yorkies are also very protective and vigilant and, despite their size, they are not intimidated by bigger dogs.

When it comes to training a yorkie, the exercises should be varied and entertaining. Yorkies are known to be fast learning students if approached with positive educational methods, but they also dislike being ignored, so loud compliments when they learn new tricks are proven to be very efficient. Yorkies will be pleased with short walks as often as possible but they will also adapt to having a less active owner.

The way owners treat their teacup yorkie puppies has a great role in what the teacup yorkie adults will behave later on. When spoiled too much yorkies tend to grow possessive about their food and toys.

Given the name Yorkshire Terrier in 1870, the teacup yorkie is still considered to be a luxury pet today.

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