Teacup Triple Coat Fluffy Pomeranians!

Throughout history, the pomeranian has been an adored companion of the royal families. With pleasant and cheerful temperaments the pomeranian puppies have managed to gather an impressive number of admirers.

The pomeranian breed dogs are members of the Spitz family. They were named after the Pomerania region in Central Europe which is now part of northern Poland and eastern Germany. Although the pomeranian dogs are classified as toy dogs due to their tiny aspects, they have big hearts, strong personalities and they are very clever. The ancestors of the pomeranian were sleigh dogs from Island and Lapland that have been brought to Europe in the German region of Pomerania. Here the pomeranian breed dogs have been extremely popular for centuries as companion pets as well as utility dogs. The British breeders, through trial, hard work, perseverance and different theories are the ones who deserve the credit for significantly reducing the size of the pomeranian dog and also for diversifying the shades of the fur.

The teacup pomeranian is a tiny dog with a height of about 7 to 12 inches and a weigh of 2 to 6 pounds, resembling a smaller fox. The pomeranian has a fluffy thick fur composed of a soft downy hair with a rough textured fur on the exterior. The fur of a pomeranian can be of various color combinations as well as black or white.

Being intelligent, fast, and clever and having alert characters, the pomeranian dogs are the perfect candidates for canine agility sports. The vigilance proven by the pomeranian breed dogs make them great watch dogs as well as wonderful companions. The basic obedience training must be approached as soon as possible for pomeranian breed dogs in order for them to be well behaved companions. The pomeranian pups are not hard to train but must be approached with positive educational methods, using food and compliments as rewards for well executed tricks.

Physical or verbal corrections are not necessary and, when used, will erode the bonds of trust, respect and affection that should be the foundation of any successful training. Although they are very tiny in size, the  pomeranian dogs are very active and manage to impress through intelligence, courage and loyalty. When faced with other dogs, the pomeranian will want to bond, but, he will also prove fearless when confronted with a challenge, and will not withdraw from a fight even though his chances to win are slim due to his size. Under the rich fur of the pomeranian lies a small but muscular, courageous, loyal and fearless dog.

Equipped with a sharp intelligence the pomeranian dogs are very adaptable, easily accommodating to city life and at the same time an excellent choice for life in the country side due to their strong hunting instincts and skills inherited from their wild northern ancestors. The nature of the pomeranian puppy is friendly, extrovert and curious, who loves to explore all surroundings and who’s every movement is noisy and has a clear purpose. 

Devoted 100% to his owner a pomeranian loves nothing more than to be around his owner, regardless of where he might be or do. The owners of pomeranian dogs should never give in to the desire of spoiling their adorable teacup puppies because every dog needs to know the limits of an acceptable behavior, and, treating them as children would only turn them into disobedient companion pets.

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