Tiniest Morkies In the United States!

Due to the mating of two extraordinary breeds, Yorkshire terrier with Bichon Maltese, the morkie, also known as yorktese (a wonderful teacup pup) was born. Having the best qualities of a maltese combined with the best qualities of a yorkie, the morkie is a “hybrid” dog worshiped for being hypoallergenic and (as many claim) healthier than purebred canines. According to some breeders, the solid health of a morkie is due to “hybrid vigor” which means that a healthier dog results from mating two purebreds. Being extremely popular, the morkie is commonly referred to as “designer dog”. Many believe that the morkie dates back to the Roman Empire.

A morkie can have various hair colors, hair type and even size. Many say that most morkies have some black and brown fur color from the yorkie and some white from the maltese.

Inheriting the bold, extrovert and fearless temperament of a yorkie terrier and the alertness, protective and vigilant temperament of a maltese, the morkie is a perfect watch dog that would immediately sound alert any intruder he might find suspicious but at the same time he would also give a friendly welcome once he sees his owner doing so as well. Many describe the morkie as having the tenacity and courage of a yorkie and the mellowness and gentleness of a maltese. Morkies are fearless, energetic little dogs that take on the temperament of both yorkies and maltese. Known as joyful, social, friendly and with a pleasant and sweet temperament, the morkie is well suited for young as well as old people. The morkie has a lovable personality, a sharp intelligence and he is also independent.

Due to his teacup size, the morkie can feel at home in small apartments, but having an inexhaustible energy and being of a curious nature he would also be very happy in a big yard were he could always have the opportunity to explore surroundings. The morkie pups are very good around children and other pets, and although they often get hurt by smaller children, their calm and obedient temperaments hold them back from responding violently.

The teacup morkie is a loving, gentle, loyal and attached to family companion that takes great pleasure in entertaining his family. Being a smart and obedient pup, the morkie is very easy to train but must be approached with positive methods in order for the training to be efficient. Teaching a morkie new tricks will also prove efficient since he knows tricks will help him get a lot of attention when performing. Being playful and joyful a morkie will be up and ready for play anytime but he will also easily calm down when asked to. The morkies love to go for walks and even join their owners in jogging routines, but at the same time the morkies are never demanding of hard exercise.

The morkie is famous for not shedding, a great quality inherited from both his parents (both the yorkie as well as the maltese are known as non shedding breeds).

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