Puppy Referral - Dezi (formally Mallie)

Puppy Name: Dezi (formally Mallie) - Morkie
Breed Name: Morkie

When my Cavalier King Charles passed away, I told my husband that I would never have another dog. My heart was broken! He knew better than to believe me. When the quarantine went into effect, we had to cancel our 8 year old twins birthday party & a spring break trip, we all were looking forward to going on. I had been looking at Morkie puppies & woke up one morning determined to get our kids their first fur baby. Why not, we are quarantined!! Driving to Doug’s place, I kept telling my kids that “Mallie” might not be the dog for us. Doug went in to get her, came out & I immediately said “we will take her!” I fell in love instantly. She is proving to be one of those memorable dogs. When she is gone, I guarantee, I will say no more dogs! My husband will roll his eyes!! We absolutely adore her! Doug made the entire process simple!! I can’t recommend Puppy Avenue enough. Don’t hesitate, go get that puppy!!!

Submitted by Kasey Harnish from Camarillo, Ca.
Submitted on Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Dezi (formally Mallie)

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