Puppy Referral - Malcom

Puppy Name: Malcom - Yorkshire Terrier
Breed Name: Yorkshire Terrier

Malcom is two and a half, and I can't remember how I lived without him. He may be small, but he has the biggest heart and loves to cuddle. He is smart and always tries to please. The vet always says he's very healthy. When Malcom was a pup, he was very tiny, so I couldn't take him home until he was 12 weeks. It was hard to wait, but I'm so grateful that Doug always had Malcom's best interests at heart. Also, my favorite part of Malcom is his personality - he is a little spunky and makes me laugh every day. The first three months of a dog's life is a formative time, and his ease of play and immediate well-adjustment to my family prove that Doug and Puppy Avenue treated him like family during those 12 weeks. I could not give Puppy Avenue a higher recommendation!

Submitted by Kate Thornton from San Diego, CA
Submitted on Friday, June 15, 2018


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