Puppy Referral - Zoë

Puppy Name: Zoë - Maltese
Breed Name: Maltese

These guys are wonderful! I was so worried about purchasing my puppy and having issues with her as I have had bad experiences with other breeders before, but I went ahead and took a chance on them. Puppy Avenue had nothing but great reviews and when I spoke to them they were always available and super helpful. They really care about their puppies and my puppy was already potty trained when I got her which was exceptional! She is super smart and she is so sassy! I will NEVER purchase from another breeder, these guys are worth every cent! Zoë is doing amazing and she is super friendly and they say small dogs don't care for small children, but Zoë LOVES my 5 year old! Doug, thank you so much for such an exceptional dog and a wonderful experience!

Submitted by Tayleah Joseph from Houston, TX
Submitted on Monday, March 27, 2017


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