Teacup Puppies

Teacup Puppies

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This document has been prepared to help out individuals purchasing TEACUP dogs; we encourage you to read this entire document so that you are completely prepared for your new puppy. Many of these small dogs tend to become stressed out due to the flight and the transition from one home to the next. As a result the puppy can leave our facility in great health, but due to the stress resulting from the change of atmosphere their health can deteriorate. Listed below are the most common things that can happen:

  1. LONESTAR PUPS NOW REQUIRES PROOF OF ALBON GIVEN TO THE PUPPY FOR THE WARRANTY TO BE VALID!!! If your vet will not provide you with albon we can send it along with the puppy for a charge of $20. Coccidia can develop, coccidia is a parasite that can dwell in the intestines, most of the time it comes from the mother, the puppy may not shed coccidian until after it arrives because it is usually brought out through stress. This parasite is not deadly at all but can cause irritation to the puppies intestine wall, resulting in diarrhea. Coccidia can consume a 2lb dog in less than 24 hours resulting in heavy vomiting, coccidia is easily prevented with albon. As a preventative we give the puppy 1/2 CC of Albon daily until the puppy flies out. We ask you to visit with your vet and get 7 CC of Albon as preventative; this will last for 14 days and should be of great assistance to the puppy.
  2. Giardia can develop; geardia like coccidia is a parasite that acts in the same way. Just like coccidia we treat Giardia as well with 5 days of panicur before the puppy flies out, we ask you to get an additional 5 days of panicur from your vet to again assist in helping your puppy make the adjustment. (both panicur and Albon are cheap and should not cost you much at all but will really help your puppy adjust well)
  3. On any puppies less than 3lbs we recommend NOT getting any puppy vaccinations until they have adjusted to the new atmosphere and are eating well. DO NOT VACCINATE the puppy until at least 2 weeks after arrival!!!
  4. LOW BLOOD SUGAR can develop!!! ALL puppies are eating Vi-Nutra puppy food for small breed dogs before they fly out, as well as they must have a 100% solid stool!!! Most of the time due to the stress of the move the puppies will not eat the hard food so you must have the following items to help them "start their engine" try the following items in the order listed below. If the dog goes more than six hours after arrival without eating you will need to take it to the vet to have a sugar IV which is very expensive, so please spend the $20 to purchase the items listed below!!! Also it is a good idea to purchase NUTRICAL, it is a calorie substitute that also boost sugar.
    • Caesars Pink label puppy food
    • Danon Activia Yogurt
    • Nutri-Cal
    • Rotisserie chicken

In conclusion please let the dog rest, the dog will most likely get excited and run around and seem healthy as can be the first day, but they forget to eat when they are so excited, usually day two is when they crash and that is when you are in trouble, once they are eating well and seem to be adjusted then you can take them out and show them to all your friends, but PLEASE LET THEM GET ADJUSTED before you do anything to crazy with them. If you have children try and keep them away from the pup until it is well adjusted to the new atmosphere!!

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