The puppy you have selected is warranted by us to the ORIGINAL purchaser. We warranty the puppy free from Parvo Virus, Distemper, Hepatitis, Corona Virus for 15 days from the purchase per California Health Code 122140b.A. Should your Vet detect any of the above mentioned within 15 days following ownership transfer, you must notify us in writing within 5 days of your vet detecting any issue. We would also prefer to be notified within 24hrs via phone .

CONGENITAL ISSUES: California State Mandated 1-year congenital defect warranty in place for every puppy we re-home. Should a vet detect any congenital issue within first year of life, we are required to offer you our vet's services to correct the issue. Sometimes these issues require surgery-- some cases right away-- other cases it is best to let the dog mature to see if the problem corrects itself or becomes a non-issue. If you choose to use your own vet for a non-elective surgery, we will reimburse for one-time only our vet's cost on the exact surgery. There is a form you will sign off saying you accept the one-time offer and won't take Puppy Avenue or representatives to court. The reason we offer a one-time reimbursement is some surgeries do not go as planned or need follow up procedures, and we only take care of those if need be at our own warranty vet Dr. Pearson in San Marcos. If you choose to use Dr. Pearson, we cover all surgeries to correct clinical congenital defects to completion or successful outcome. However, if you chose another Veterinarian to perform your puppy's surgery, we are only responsible for the initial corrective surgery. We want you to know we will be there should something like a terminal hereditary disorder pop up in the 365 days from date of birth (per California Health Code 122140b.A). As a courtesy, we will extend this up to 3 years as long as you remain a member of DoctorPup.com and continue recommended vet care. You must take responsibility as a pet owner-- California Health Code states that, "you must keep the puppy under regular and continued care of a licensed veterinarian." The genetic issues we DO NOT COVER are inguinal and umbilical hernias. Hernias can be common among smaller puppies and can be fixed easily when spayed or neutered.   We do not cover bad hips, luxating patellas (bad knees), or cherry eye (unless detected within the first 90 days by a licensed vet – getting 2nd opinions are always smart). Diagnostics related to a grade 1 or 2 heart murmurs are most considered transient and represent no threat to your puppy. You can find easy-to-understand definitions on these conditions mentioned by entering the name into DoctorPup.com's search box in top right hand corner. Per California Code, Puppy Avenue does not cover common puppy parasites (i.e. coccidia, giardia) nor do we cover bacteria-related upper respiratory infections; both items are simple to treat and should never be a cause for death. BREEDING RIGHTS: If you plan to breed your pet please make sure you ask specifically for breeding quality BEFORE purchasing or making a deposit so we can verify the pup meets breeding standard at the time of ownership transfer. In some cases, breeders require a fee for you to breed. We cannot refund a purchase/deposit if you fail to ask for breeding rights prior to a purchase/hold/deposit.

HYPOGLYCEMIA (LOW BLOOD SUGER): Absolutely no warranty claims will be accepted for issues resulting LOW BLOOD SUGAR (this is due to lack of nutrition and will be considered negligence).

SUDDEN DEATH: In cases of sudden death where cause cannot be determined; breeders require an autopsy/necropsy to be performed to file a warranty claim. As a courtesy, Puppy Avenue will offer 50% discount off a new puppy of ours (up to $500) if you are unable to get an autopsy/necropsy performed for any reason.

VET EXCLUSIONS: Due to some unfortunate/costly experiences for our customers, we NO LONGER ACCEPT any claims here: BANFIELD (Inside PETSMART) // VCA HOSPITALS – LARGEST CHAIN IN AMERICA // EL CAJON ANIMAL MED CENTER.  


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Jurisdiction Clause - Any civil action against Puppy Avenue must be filed in California. To file a claim please email vets diagnosis to: [email protected]

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